nedelja, 29. september 2013

Comet Ison – The Precursor of Major Changes

The comet of the century is approaching

Comets  come out of a spherical cloud,  known as the OOrt cloud, which lies far  beyond  the Pluto orbital and are composed of stones, ice, dust and gas.

The Ison comet was discovered on 21 th of September 2012 by two Russian astronomers, Vitalij Nevski and  Artyom Novichonok. Officially it was named as C/2012 S1. In the astronomers' opinion, its orbital is very much alike to the orbital of the comet which was seen in 1680. This indicates that they are probably coming out of the same source. 

First the astronomers predicted that Ison was going to be brighter than the full moon, but after several observations, they had come to the conclusion, that its luminosity will be approximately the same as the planet Venus's. 

Ison will conjuct Mars at 21 degree of Lion, on (arround) 2nd October 2013.

Arround 20th of October 2013 it will pass the planet Mercury.

On the 28th of November 2013 the comet will approach  closest possible to the Sun (at perihelion) and it will conjuct the fixed star Dschubba in the Scorpio constellation. Dschubba combines the influences of Mars and Saturn and brings up negative impacts.

The fate of comets which near the Sun is very unpredictable, because they can fall apart on their way past the Sun or they completely evaporate due to the high temperatures. 

If Ison survives its path past the Sun, it will become very bright and on the Northern  hemisphere we will be able to see it with the naked eye. During the first days of December it will be only seen in the horizon in the early mornings. In the end of December and in the first January days it will be visible all night long. 

It will be closest to Earth on  December 26th.

Ison astrologically

Throughout the history, the astrologers in ancient Greece,  medieval astrologers and renaissance astrologers were declaring, that  comets bring negative impacts, such as famine, plague and wars.
But they also believed that comets predict rising and falling of the leaders and that they announce the forthcoming of saviors.

Since Ison is entering the Mars orbital and will conjuct it for a few weeks in October and November, it is expected that its impact will be coloured with the energy of Mars. Mars now  is in the sign of Leo and we can expect that at this time  egoism,   displaying of power,and tendency  towards domination  will be in the foreground.

Either way Ison is bringing some major changes and transformation, because it coincides with the fourth of the seven squares, which is formed by Pluto and Uranus. This square activates anxiety and tendency toward social changes.

In the time of its activity we may expect the changing of old, rigid and outdated systems and institutions, which no longer serve their purposes. Ison combined with Pluto – Uranus square will activate such changes.

All planets that are located behind the Saturn are transpersonal in astrology. Their nature is impersonal and they are the activators of the changes on the collective level. The comets also come from the area behind the Saturn, so there is no wonder, that in the ancient history they were considered as the messengers from Gods. Nowadays we see them as the bearers of the collective contents and as such the announcers for larger social changes, which are needed for the continuation of the evolution of human kind.