nedelja, 15. junij 2014

Retrograde motion of planets

Planets move in three different ways:
  • direct motion
  • stationary motion (planets from the point of view of the earth don’t move)
  • retrograde motion (planets from the point of view of the earth move backward)
The Sun and the Moon are exceptions and never seem to move retrograde.

Retrograde planets bring retrospective and the possibility to review the events and insights expressed by their energy. Energy of the planet turns inward and is expressed differently than it is in direct motion.

Traditional astrology has attributed a negative meaning to retrograde planets, so today many astrological interpretations of retrogrades are based solely on warnings against their negative activity. It is still considered the principle that the energy of the retrograde planet is suppressed and does not reflect currently, which leads to the manifestation of the more shady side of the planet.

Modern astrologers have begun to notice that its energy has a positive impact on individual’s personal growth, because the retrograde planet brings to the surface unprocessed experiences from the past, especially when it  transits the natal planet or an angular point of the chart.

In the interpretation of retrograde planet, we must be vigilant with:
  • the symbolism of the retrograde planet
  • the symbolism of the sign through which it passes
  • the importance of the house through which it passes
  • if a personal planet or an angle point is located at a degree where the planet rotates, then a planet or an angle point is strongly emphasized.
Through the retrograde process a specific part of the zodiac is highlighted. When a planet in a direct motion transits a natal point, it brings the experience or a situation, that requires re-examination and insight, to the surface. In the retrograde process the information and the experiences are collected. When the planet turns into direct motion, it's time to re-examine, to absorb and to remediate the past experience. New horizons open ahead of us. When  the planet passes over the degree at which it first turned retrograde, the processed contents are manifesting.

ponedeljek, 28. oktober 2013

The time of great social changes is coming

Pluto and Uranus are both transpersonal planets and they both have powerful influence on the collective level over their slow movement. The aspect they form is square, which brings major social changes, revolutions and a great chaos.

German astrologer, Ebertin, has written, that the aspect of Uranus and Pluto brings building the new on the ruins of the old and brings radical changes and great reconstructions of nations and nationalities.

The danger in such a period is that in all of that chaos  some individuals may appear, who  represent themselves as saviours and they are more than ready to sacrifice crowds of people in order to gain and maintain their power . This is the time of great tension, which manifests as sudden outrages of agitations, such as rebellions, demonstrations, and wars. In European history we already know two such tipical manifestations of saviors, both represended by the Pluto-Uranus aspect: Napoleon and Hitler. I sincerely hope, that the human kind is mature enough that such a painful thing can not happen again.

Pluto in Capricorn brings increasing concentration of wealth, kept  in the hands of a few individuals, who gain more and more power over controlling the world's economy, money and energy sources. Those individuals  have no desire for any changes and they only want to strenghten their power. Uranus in Aries wants to break free from the feelings of weakness and entrapment, and that also manifests as outrages of this energy over demonstrations and revolutions. Uranus is the ruler of revolutions, but also the ruler of inventions and new technological achievements. The Arab Spring is a nice example of how the people connected themselves into a rebellion through the social networks.

The square aspekt will repeat seven times, from now, until the beginning of 2015 and its influence will be still felt a few years after. In this period the old will ruin, so that the new can be born.

On a personal level, this aspect will be felt mostly by the individuals who have their natal planets or points of the horoscope between 8th and 15th degree of the cardinal signes (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

Those individuals will have to go through some powerfull personal crises and transformations. Astrology can be in great help in such times, so in case you have planets or points of the horoscope between the degrees mentioned before, you are welcome to sign up for some consultation.

Jupiter in Cancer – open your heart and let your intuition lead you

Jupiter, the planet of optimism, constant growth and opportunities, will enter the sign of Cancer on 26th of June, 2013 and it stays there until 16th of June 2014.
Jupiter symbolizes a great benefactor, since its influence brings luck, success, well-being and satisfaction.

Jupiter in Cancer is in the sign of its exhalation, which means it feels well in this sign, and that increases its influence. The sign of Cancer symbolizes emotional affiliation, caring, female energy, home, roots, feeding, safety and familiy...

During the whole next year the energy will be focused toward the area of emotions. The emotionalism, in the sense of Cancer's symbolism, is the basic part of our self-esteem and has a great impact on our lives. The way we deal with the basic emotional impulses (fear, hapiness, anger, grief, disgust, acceptance and expectations) is gained in the early childhood within our primary family. 

Jupiter transiting Cancer gives us a chance to confront and fight our internal limitations. It brings to the surface the deepest emotional patterns which still bind us to the past and keep us trapped in the circle of continuing repeating or in the world of the ilusions. We will be able to reconnect with our inner selves and release the trapped inner power and as the result we will be able to develop our full  potential. Therefore we will be able to become the creators of our lives and we will be able to control our feelings and no longer we will let the emotions  control us. This time will be very favorable to all who want to change the rigid point of wiew and old habits.

How the transit of Jupiter manifests in the life of an individual, depends on the birth chart and the natal position of Jupiter.  In general, Jupiter will improve the energy of the House transiting and raises the expression of the planets in this house in both, good and bad way.

The Jupiter transit is good for solving the housing problems, for real-estate business, for investments in silver, food industry, for charity actions, familiy relationships and inheritance. It brings benefits and allowances to self-employed and works positive to those, who deal with caring for others and those who deal with environmental protection.

But it can also bring some troubles within the family, the matters of the state, the exaggeration in many ways (especially with food what may lead into  diseases). It may endanger physical and emotional safety. During this transit we may gain sobe bad habits, there may be some trouble with water or the floods may appear. On the physical level the transit may cause the water retention, stomach problems, sensibility, emotional overloading, moodiness and passivity.

sobota, 5. oktober 2013

New moon in the sign of Libra, 5. 10. 2013

Libra is the sign that directs our attention to the area of our relationships. Through this sign we learn how to balance taking care of ourselves and considering other's well beings as well. We will achieve the harmony in our relationship when we establish the balance of power. To create that, we first have to find our inner peace and then spread it into our surroundings
New moon is on the 11th degree of Libra and is activator of the tension of the square between Uranus and Pluto. Pluto is removing, deeply cleaning and transforming our old patterns and habits with the purpose to make space for new and new is what Uranus symbolizes. Because they are in the square aspect this process won’t be smooth, it will be rather tense. The Old will refuse to transform and it will prevent the New to come to life. 
Venus, the ruler of this new moon, is immersed into the dark and deep waters of Scorpion and just like Persephone, Venus is travelling through the underworld, bringing to the surface our old emotional patterns and it is waiting for its rebirth. 
Astrological house or the area of living that it symbolizes is the area that has to be exposed to the changes. We have to clean it first to enable the growth of it.

četrtek, 3. oktober 2013

Horoscope for pope Francis , Jorge Mario Bergoglio

His sun sign is Saggitarius, which is an extremely optimistic, filosophicly orientated and religious sign that has the ability to motivate and encourage.

Moon in his birth chart conjucts Venus in Saggitarius, which declares that this is a very humane man with a strong social sense. He is a man of great ideas and a reformer, that's why he's aiming to improve and change things.  Since the Moon nad Venus square Uranus in Taurus and are also in mutual reception,  he will meet  many obstacles  while introducing changes.

Uranus is in his 12th house, the house of career , social status and reputation. Uranus' tendency towards fast changes and reforms is in a tense relationship with slow and consistent energy of Taurus, who fears the unpredictable events, so the changes he desires will be taking place much slower than he would want them to. The Uranus is strong in the chart and makes him unique, stubborn and persistent. He can establish his beliefs and has a strong energy potencial over the square, which he will need at reforming the rigidity of traditional Church. Uranus in his 10th house also brings very sudden and unexpected changes in his career.
The Uranus' square also tells us his lifestyle is quite unusual and unconventional,  he needs a lot of personal freedom and privacy, so that he can release his internal emotional anxiety. Acquiring  the necessary  privacy  to regenerate himself, will present a big challenge, since his position is a very demanding one.

 The Ascendent in Cancer manifests to the outward as sensible, emotional and compasionate to others. But since his natal Pluto is also in Cancer, that also makes him uncompromising at establishing his goals and beliefs, which causes quite a turbulent emotional area.  A person with  Pluto in Cancer inclines to a denying and suppressing his feelings. The combination of Moon in Aquarius and Pluto in Cancer indicates a person with a strong social sense, very humane but with a significant emotional distance. He is more  a man of reason than a man of emotions.

Jupiter, the ruler of his sun sign is in Capricorn, so despite his emphasized individuality, he is able to adapt to the principles of tradition. This aspect is also giving him the ability to control his responsible position, which is constantly open to public. Jupiter and Saturn, who are both social planets, are in mutual reception and that emphasizes his high social status and the important role at expanding and consolidating Christian religion all over the world.

Jupiter in Capricorn conjucts Mercury, which symbolizes high moral standards, strong ideals and the eternal desire for education and intellectual improvement as well.

Mars in Libra is in his detriment and that causes problems at making decisions. This reluctance causes the delays in action, but it also makes him tactful and charming.

Saturn in Pisces opposite Neptune in Virgo. Saturn in Virgo symbolizes a religius authority. It provides diligence and dedication to the mission, as also rigour and critisism towards those who are incapable of similar dedication. Saturn in Pisces is extremely self disciplined and ascetic. He will aim to initiate this virtues in the dissolved institution of the Church. Neptune symbolizes spirituality and dedication to the religion.

He will fight the battle between norms and old rules of Christion Church and his internal desire to change things and find new, advanced directions. He will manage how to maintain the traditional framework of the Church, but he will renew a lot of things and reorganize the catholic institution.

nedelja, 29. september 2013

Comet Ison – The Precursor of Major Changes

The comet of the century is approaching

Comets  come out of a spherical cloud,  known as the OOrt cloud, which lies far  beyond  the Pluto orbital and are composed of stones, ice, dust and gas.

The Ison comet was discovered on 21 th of September 2012 by two Russian astronomers, Vitalij Nevski and  Artyom Novichonok. Officially it was named as C/2012 S1. In the astronomers' opinion, its orbital is very much alike to the orbital of the comet which was seen in 1680. This indicates that they are probably coming out of the same source. 

First the astronomers predicted that Ison was going to be brighter than the full moon, but after several observations, they had come to the conclusion, that its luminosity will be approximately the same as the planet Venus's. 

Ison will conjuct Mars at 21 degree of Lion, on (arround) 2nd October 2013.

Arround 20th of October 2013 it will pass the planet Mercury.

On the 28th of November 2013 the comet will approach  closest possible to the Sun (at perihelion) and it will conjuct the fixed star Dschubba in the Scorpio constellation. Dschubba combines the influences of Mars and Saturn and brings up negative impacts.

The fate of comets which near the Sun is very unpredictable, because they can fall apart on their way past the Sun or they completely evaporate due to the high temperatures. 

If Ison survives its path past the Sun, it will become very bright and on the Northern  hemisphere we will be able to see it with the naked eye. During the first days of December it will be only seen in the horizon in the early mornings. In the end of December and in the first January days it will be visible all night long. 

It will be closest to Earth on  December 26th.

Ison astrologically

Throughout the history, the astrologers in ancient Greece,  medieval astrologers and renaissance astrologers were declaring, that  comets bring negative impacts, such as famine, plague and wars.
But they also believed that comets predict rising and falling of the leaders and that they announce the forthcoming of saviors.

Since Ison is entering the Mars orbital and will conjuct it for a few weeks in October and November, it is expected that its impact will be coloured with the energy of Mars. Mars now  is in the sign of Leo and we can expect that at this time  egoism,   displaying of power,and tendency  towards domination  will be in the foreground.

Either way Ison is bringing some major changes and transformation, because it coincides with the fourth of the seven squares, which is formed by Pluto and Uranus. This square activates anxiety and tendency toward social changes.

In the time of its activity we may expect the changing of old, rigid and outdated systems and institutions, which no longer serve their purposes. Ison combined with Pluto – Uranus square will activate such changes.

All planets that are located behind the Saturn are transpersonal in astrology. Their nature is impersonal and they are the activators of the changes on the collective level. The comets also come from the area behind the Saturn, so there is no wonder, that in the ancient history they were considered as the messengers from Gods. Nowadays we see them as the bearers of the collective contents and as such the announcers for larger social changes, which are needed for the continuation of the evolution of human kind.