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Horoscope for pope Francis , Jorge Mario Bergoglio

His sun sign is Saggitarius, which is an extremely optimistic, filosophicly orientated and religious sign that has the ability to motivate and encourage.

Moon in his birth chart conjucts Venus in Saggitarius, which declares that this is a very humane man with a strong social sense. He is a man of great ideas and a reformer, that's why he's aiming to improve and change things.  Since the Moon nad Venus square Uranus in Taurus and are also in mutual reception,  he will meet  many obstacles  while introducing changes.

Uranus is in his 12th house, the house of career , social status and reputation. Uranus' tendency towards fast changes and reforms is in a tense relationship with slow and consistent energy of Taurus, who fears the unpredictable events, so the changes he desires will be taking place much slower than he would want them to. The Uranus is strong in the chart and makes him unique, stubborn and persistent. He can establish his beliefs and has a strong energy potencial over the square, which he will need at reforming the rigidity of traditional Church. Uranus in his 10th house also brings very sudden and unexpected changes in his career.
The Uranus' square also tells us his lifestyle is quite unusual and unconventional,  he needs a lot of personal freedom and privacy, so that he can release his internal emotional anxiety. Acquiring  the necessary  privacy  to regenerate himself, will present a big challenge, since his position is a very demanding one.

 The Ascendent in Cancer manifests to the outward as sensible, emotional and compasionate to others. But since his natal Pluto is also in Cancer, that also makes him uncompromising at establishing his goals and beliefs, which causes quite a turbulent emotional area.  A person with  Pluto in Cancer inclines to a denying and suppressing his feelings. The combination of Moon in Aquarius and Pluto in Cancer indicates a person with a strong social sense, very humane but with a significant emotional distance. He is more  a man of reason than a man of emotions.

Jupiter, the ruler of his sun sign is in Capricorn, so despite his emphasized individuality, he is able to adapt to the principles of tradition. This aspect is also giving him the ability to control his responsible position, which is constantly open to public. Jupiter and Saturn, who are both social planets, are in mutual reception and that emphasizes his high social status and the important role at expanding and consolidating Christian religion all over the world.

Jupiter in Capricorn conjucts Mercury, which symbolizes high moral standards, strong ideals and the eternal desire for education and intellectual improvement as well.

Mars in Libra is in his detriment and that causes problems at making decisions. This reluctance causes the delays in action, but it also makes him tactful and charming.

Saturn in Pisces opposite Neptune in Virgo. Saturn in Virgo symbolizes a religius authority. It provides diligence and dedication to the mission, as also rigour and critisism towards those who are incapable of similar dedication. Saturn in Pisces is extremely self disciplined and ascetic. He will aim to initiate this virtues in the dissolved institution of the Church. Neptune symbolizes spirituality and dedication to the religion.

He will fight the battle between norms and old rules of Christion Church and his internal desire to change things and find new, advanced directions. He will manage how to maintain the traditional framework of the Church, but he will renew a lot of things and reorganize the catholic institution.

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