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Jupiter in Cancer – open your heart and let your intuition lead you

Jupiter, the planet of optimism, constant growth and opportunities, will enter the sign of Cancer on 26th of June, 2013 and it stays there until 16th of June 2014.
Jupiter symbolizes a great benefactor, since its influence brings luck, success, well-being and satisfaction.

Jupiter in Cancer is in the sign of its exhalation, which means it feels well in this sign, and that increases its influence. The sign of Cancer symbolizes emotional affiliation, caring, female energy, home, roots, feeding, safety and familiy...

During the whole next year the energy will be focused toward the area of emotions. The emotionalism, in the sense of Cancer's symbolism, is the basic part of our self-esteem and has a great impact on our lives. The way we deal with the basic emotional impulses (fear, hapiness, anger, grief, disgust, acceptance and expectations) is gained in the early childhood within our primary family. 

Jupiter transiting Cancer gives us a chance to confront and fight our internal limitations. It brings to the surface the deepest emotional patterns which still bind us to the past and keep us trapped in the circle of continuing repeating or in the world of the ilusions. We will be able to reconnect with our inner selves and release the trapped inner power and as the result we will be able to develop our full  potential. Therefore we will be able to become the creators of our lives and we will be able to control our feelings and no longer we will let the emotions  control us. This time will be very favorable to all who want to change the rigid point of wiew and old habits.

How the transit of Jupiter manifests in the life of an individual, depends on the birth chart and the natal position of Jupiter.  In general, Jupiter will improve the energy of the House transiting and raises the expression of the planets in this house in both, good and bad way.

The Jupiter transit is good for solving the housing problems, for real-estate business, for investments in silver, food industry, for charity actions, familiy relationships and inheritance. It brings benefits and allowances to self-employed and works positive to those, who deal with caring for others and those who deal with environmental protection.

But it can also bring some troubles within the family, the matters of the state, the exaggeration in many ways (especially with food what may lead into  diseases). It may endanger physical and emotional safety. During this transit we may gain sobe bad habits, there may be some trouble with water or the floods may appear. On the physical level the transit may cause the water retention, stomach problems, sensibility, emotional overloading, moodiness and passivity.

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