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The time of great social changes is coming

Pluto and Uranus are both transpersonal planets and they both have powerful influence on the collective level over their slow movement. The aspect they form is square, which brings major social changes, revolutions and a great chaos.

German astrologer, Ebertin, has written, that the aspect of Uranus and Pluto brings building the new on the ruins of the old and brings radical changes and great reconstructions of nations and nationalities.

The danger in such a period is that in all of that chaos  some individuals may appear, who  represent themselves as saviours and they are more than ready to sacrifice crowds of people in order to gain and maintain their power . This is the time of great tension, which manifests as sudden outrages of agitations, such as rebellions, demonstrations, and wars. In European history we already know two such tipical manifestations of saviors, both represended by the Pluto-Uranus aspect: Napoleon and Hitler. I sincerely hope, that the human kind is mature enough that such a painful thing can not happen again.

Pluto in Capricorn brings increasing concentration of wealth, kept  in the hands of a few individuals, who gain more and more power over controlling the world's economy, money and energy sources. Those individuals  have no desire for any changes and they only want to strenghten their power. Uranus in Aries wants to break free from the feelings of weakness and entrapment, and that also manifests as outrages of this energy over demonstrations and revolutions. Uranus is the ruler of revolutions, but also the ruler of inventions and new technological achievements. The Arab Spring is a nice example of how the people connected themselves into a rebellion through the social networks.

The square aspekt will repeat seven times, from now, until the beginning of 2015 and its influence will be still felt a few years after. In this period the old will ruin, so that the new can be born.

On a personal level, this aspect will be felt mostly by the individuals who have their natal planets or points of the horoscope between 8th and 15th degree of the cardinal signes (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

Those individuals will have to go through some powerfull personal crises and transformations. Astrology can be in great help in such times, so in case you have planets or points of the horoscope between the degrees mentioned before, you are welcome to sign up for some consultation.

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