sobota, 05. oktober 2013

New moon in the sign of Libra, 5. 10. 2013

Libra is the sign that directs our attention to the area of our relationships. Through this sign we learn how to balance taking care of ourselves and considering other's well beings as well. We will achieve the harmony in our relationship when we establish the balance of power. To create that, we first have to find our inner peace and then spread it into our surroundings
New moon is on the 11th degree of Libra and is activator of the tension of the square between Uranus and Pluto. Pluto is removing, deeply cleaning and transforming our old patterns and habits with the purpose to make space for new and new is what Uranus symbolizes. Because they are in the square aspect this process won’t be smooth, it will be rather tense. The Old will refuse to transform and it will prevent the New to come to life. 
Venus, the ruler of this new moon, is immersed into the dark and deep waters of Scorpion and just like Persephone, Venus is travelling through the underworld, bringing to the surface our old emotional patterns and it is waiting for its rebirth. 
Astrological house or the area of living that it symbolizes is the area that has to be exposed to the changes. We have to clean it first to enable the growth of it.

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